Video Game Gambling Machines?

Last week the history of gambling was changed when the first skill-based VGM (video game gambling machine) was launched at Harrah’s Atlantic City Hotel & Resort. The revolutionary game was developed by GameCo in cooperation with Caesars Entertainment, the owner of Harrah’s. The first skill-based gambling game is called “Danger Arena” and it represents a combination of action arcade games and gambling slot machines. It will be available across all Caesars casinos in New Jersey, while GameCo announced that it would be launched in other cities in the future.

Revolution In Gambling World

VGM or video game gambling machines are actually cabinets with controllers used for playing, featuring games similar to typical video game but with the gambling aspect of slot machines, which promise a certain return to player (RTP). GameCo was awarded the Silver Medal for VGM in the category Best Slot Product at the 16th Annual Global Gaming Business Gaming & Technology Awards.

The main aim for creating this innovative and ground-breaking concept was to meet the needs of modern players, specifically those generations who grew up on video games. Being that they are now coming of age and becoming legally allowed to gamble, there is an interest in casinos and gambling on their part but the traditional casino games such as slots simply do not suit their views of entertainment.

Slot developers are going out of their way to redesign and reinvent classic slot games in order to make them more appealing and immersive but what they lack is interaction. Precisely this is what VGM offer: active engagement of the player and the skill level which brings payouts. The first players that want to test their skills and get paid for them will have the chance to do so at Harrah’s Resort, Caesars and Bally’s Wild Wild West, all owned by Caesars Entertainment.

How exactly does VGM work?

Skill-based video game gambling machines represent video games for a single player who uses a controller similar to Xbox. The player has 45-90 seconds to demonstrate his skill and get his stake multiplied according to the level of his skill.

The financial aspect of the game employs traditional slot machine concept. The difference is that slots must completely depend on chance, that is to say, everyone has equal chances to win, whereas in VGM the winnings depend on the skill. However, there are rules on return to player which must guarantee an RTP of 83% or higher, so after careful analysis and consultation with slot experts, GameCo team have included a random selection of maps and a random bonus feature.

The first game is Danger Arena, an action video game in which the players must shoot the robots in order to win the prize. GameCo have announced that the upcoming games will cover different themes: adventure, puzzles, sports etc.

If you cant get to Harrahs to try this type of machine, play online video poker, slots or table games at any of the many reputable online casinos. Browse our Gambling Directory for the best places to do anything online gaming related. From online casinos, to poker rooms to fantasy sports you can find it all here. See our Casino Portals for websites which list the best online casinos, many of them open to USA players. And of course check back here often for more directory updates.

Columbia Regulates Online Gaming

The new EGaming Act was recently approved by the Colombian Government after several drafts have been put forward for discussion by the Colombian regulating agency Coljuegos. The new act is supposed to regulate the activity of online gaming operators in terms of licensing, taxation and technical requirements. According to the new law the operators will be able to provide a wide range of gambling content including online casino games, online poker, sports betting, fantasy sports and promotional games.

Internet gaming in Colombia was not properly regulated in the past, that is, the law did not explicitly cover this field of gambling activity. Some rules regarding online gambling were included in the Government National plan but the government realized that online gambling was a reality and that by not defining it within the confines of the state, a huge market was left unexploited. Therefore, in the last few years the agency which regulates gambling activity in Colombia, Coljuegos started drafting bill proposals for legalization of online gambling.

This finally resulted in putting forth the new EGaming Act according to which the Online Gaming Operators are obliged to open a bank account in Colombia and also own a Columbian domain. The tax levy imposed on Operators’ net income is 15% which was reduced from 17% as it was previously implied in the National Plan. Furthermore the fee for the acquired license will be a fixed amount calculated as 811 minimum wages as determined by the state which amounts to around $160,000.

The license will be pretty flexible in terms of the games allowed, as Operators can offer anything from online casino games such as baccarat, roulette, poker, etc. to sports betting and promotional games. Promotional games are one interesting aspect of the online gaming as their purpose is to advertise the products and services while at the same time promoting gambling and attracting new players. Practically, these games provide the players with the opportunity to gamble for free if they purchase a certain product or a service.

The new Act definitely represents a breakthrough for Colombian Online Gambling market; however, certain challenges are already in sight. First of all, according to the Colombian law “a game operates through the Internet when both the bet and the prize are paid exclusively through the internet.” This implies that the players should own a bank account, which, you may think, should not be a problem but the situation is slightly different with the Colombians.

In Colombia there is a majority of people who do not possess a bank account or internet access. Gamblers are skeptical about online payments and prefer to process their payments in cash. Now the logical course of action would be building trust of the gamblers and working hard on promotion of the online gambling, which takes a lot of time and effort. Mentality change takes much more than bringing a law.

Another major concern for Colombians is that the local entrepreneurs possibly will not be able to contend with the foreign operators due to the high licensing fees.

The theory and reality of the new online gambling law encounter some contradictions, which is another issue for Coljuegos and the government to deal with. A step forward has been made but obviously there are many other things to consider and amend in the future.

Online Casino Affiliate Programs

If your a webmaster and here on our website, chances are you are an affiliate for some type of online gaming. If you promote online casinos we thought we would share who we work with and give some online casino affiliate suggestions. Even if you do not promote online casinos, some affiliate programs we work with also offer online sportsbooks and/or poker sites. We ourselves also promote some online poker sites and use some of the same affiliate programs to promote both casinos and sportsbooks.

Our top online casino affiliate program is Affiliate Edge. Affiliate Edge (AE) only offers online casinos and all of their brands accept USA players. We have been promoting online casinos for about 10 years and only last year did we really give Affiliate Edge a try. We moved their brands into the top spots on our websites and the results have been phenomenal. If you give AE a try you may not get the number of new players you get at some other programs, but after 1 or 2 months you will understand why we have their brands in our top spots and recommend them over any other online casino affiliate program.

Affiliate Edge weeds out the bad players it seems right from the start. They use a security protocol when new players register and try to make deposits. We don’t know what they look at and how they decide which players are good and which to reject, but we can say charge backs are virtually non existent. In fact many months go by and we do not have a single charge back.

The low charge backs are not the main reason we like Affiliate Edge, we use and recommend Affiliate Edge because of their incredible player value. We have never worked with another program which keeps players playing as much as Affiliate Edge. Their casinos are top notch, and deposits are easy once you get through the security but one reason why we think players like Affiliate Edge is the fast withdraws. Players can always be assured they will receive their withdraws timely and unlike some online casinos, there are no excuses why the withdraw is late. When you request a withdraw at an Affiliate Edge casino you get it and get it quick. This all adds up to a great reputation for the Affiliate Edge casinos and if you Google or research the casinos you will not find any bad press about any of them. This in turn equals happy players who continue to play and your player value keeps increasing. Happy players equal happy affiliates.

If you promote online casinos we highly recommend Affiliate Edge and you can expect the best player value of any affiliate program. If you want to read more about Affiliate Edge you can visit their website by clicking here. If you give you them a try you should really like the results.

Another affiliate program we recommend and suggest is BetOnline. BetOnline offers an online casino (including a live dealer casino), full service and online sportsbook and an online poker room. You can promote just one of the offerings or all three from the account and players can use all the offerings from the same account as well. The fact they offer casino, sports and poker is a good selling point to players because players can also use all three from the same account. They can deposit to their player account and use the funds for everything offered. Plus BetOnline has some of the best USA credit card deposit success rates in the business. For USA players, the fact credit cards get approved so easily is one reason they convert so well and BetOnline has very few charge backs as well. To check out the BetOnline affiliate program you have to visit, that is the BetOnline affiliate program. Simply click here and you will be taken to and see more about promoting BetOnline.

While this is only two recommendations/suggestions for online casino affiliate programs, we really do think they are the best, especially Affiliate Edge. If you have never promoted Affiliate Edge and you have the opportunity to do so, you owe it to yourself to give them a try.

Good luck, and don’t forget to get your website listed here in our gambling directory.

Live Casino USA


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Launched: 2015

Accolades: GPWA Approved Portal is an online casino portal dedicated to live dealer casino play. If you live in the United States this portal is especially good for you as all the live dealer casinos listed accept USA players. Whether you are completely new to using a live dealer casino or have played at them for years, you will surely find some information to make your game and experience better at this website.  Find everything there is to know about live dealer casinos and get started playing at the best and most reputable live online casinos available.

Live Casino USA Features

As the name suggests, the website is all about USA friendly live online casinos. See their list of the best USA live dealer casinos and see in-depth reviews for each casino. The reviews cover all the important information you need to know about each casino. See basic information like where the casino is licensed, when it opened, contact information and the software the casino uses. Also find detailed information about the casino bonuses, types of banking options available, games offered and more. Once you read the full reviews you should have all the information you need to know to decide whether that particular live casino is the right choice for you.

Also find detailed information on all the live dealer casino games offered. From a quick overview of the games to some strategy points, the betting limits at different casinos and more, if you want to play a live dealer game find all the pertinent information before you play.

If you live in the USA and want to play some live dealer games, is a great resource. The website also lists the other games each casino offers, so if you also like to play standard online casino games and/or slots and video poker, you can find all the information located in just one website. Also being USA dedicated, their online casino banking section is a great resource for any USA casino player. See the best online casinos for making USA deposits and withdraws and find deposit options where you will never be left out of the games because you cant get a deposit approved.

If you have not tried a live dealer casino this website is a must see. Live dealer games are the latest addition to online play and if you are a serious bettor, live games are really the only option. Take the computer out of the game and bet up to $10,000 a hand at the best live dealer casinos, all of which accept USA players.

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Internet Casinos USA


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Launched: 2015

Accolades: GPWA Approved Portal

InternetCasinosUSA is an online casino portal which specializes in USA friendly Internet casinos. Find full reviews, bonus information, banking information, a listing of games and slots as well as a news section. If you live in the United States and are looking for a solid Internet casino to play at, InternetCasinosUSA is a great resource.

Internet Casinos USA Features

Internet Casinos USA is an online casino portal dedicated to the USA Internet casino player. See their recommendations of the best USA Internet Casinos and full reviews for each casino. Find a great overview of each casino, bonus information, a banking review, games offered, software review and a news section. If you live in the United States, Internet Casinos USA is a resource to not only find an Internet casino but also some great information on playing at Internet Casinos in general.

Check out the InternetCasinosUSA website and find pages with recommendations on which Internet casinos are the best for different casino games and slots. One page which is very popular on the website is the live dealer casinos page which offers information on live dealer casinos, one of the fastest growing segments of Internet casinos. Live dealer casinos allow you a brick and mortar casino feel but still from the comfort of your own home. If you have not played at a live dealer casino check out their website for all the information you need to get started and enjoy playing popular games against a live dealer.

Another section of the website which visitors seem to like is the news section. In this news section find all kinds of information regarding internet casinos which includes new casinos listed on the website, special bonuses, strategy articles and more. It is a great resource to stay on top of everything that is happening in the Internet Casino world.

If you live in the United States and want a website dedicated to USA casino play check out and find a wealth of information in order to make a great choice on where to play. One aspect which sets InternetCasinosUSA apart from other casino portals is the fact they play at all the casinos they recommend. Not every casino portal can say that and it really does show in their reviews. The reviews are much more in depth and written from the player point of view. If you want honest reviews for USA Internet casinos this is a great website to visit time and time again.

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Play Fantasy Sports Daily

WebPlay Fantasy Sports Dailysite:

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Play Fantasy Sports Daily is an online portal dedicated to online fantasy sports. On the website you will find reviews for the best fantasy websites which include bonus details, contests offered, banking details and more. Also find hints and tips on playing fantasy sports as well as free fantasy picks. Whether you are new to fantasy sports or a seasoned veteran, you will find some valuable information on this website.

Play Fantasy Sports Daily Features

Play Fantasy Sports Daily offers a great amount of information regarding the popular fantasy sports industry. You can find reviews for the top fantasy sports websites which include everything you need to know before choosing a place to play online. In the reviews see the sports and contests offered, the bonuses you can claim when signing up and making a deposit, how to deposit and make withdraws as well as other information regarding the different websites. If you are looking for a fantasy sports website to play at, the reviews at Play Fantasy Sports Daily offer great information to help you make an informed decision on where to play.

A very popular section of the website is their free picks. If you are wondering what other fantasy sports players are choosing as their players, read articles from several different fantasy analysts who share their picks for upcoming events and also explain why they have chosen the players they have. It is great resource to get a different perspective on the games you are thinking of playing and if you need a little help choosing your starting lineup, you can use their picks or a combination of the different analysts picks for hopefully a successful contest. The picks are completely free and just a perk of visiting the website.

If you are new to playing fantasy sports, you can find several great articles giving tips and hints on how to play and how to be a successful fantasy player. Play Fantasy Sports Daily adds new articles on a regular basis so it is a god idea to check the website often.

Whether you are new to fantasy sports or have been playing for years, Play Fantasy Sports Daily is a great resource for anyone who wants to play fantasy sports for real money and be successful. See the website at to get started in one of the fastest growing industries in the online gaming world.

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Fantasy Sports Portal Added

With fantasy sports becoming as popular as it has, we have decided to add a Fantasy Sports Portals page here on eGamblingPortals. While many claim fantasy sports play is not gambling, and it did receive an exception from the UIGEA, it is still wagering money in hopes of winning a cash prize. We think Fantasy Sports is a good fit with the other categories we include and if you run or manage a fantasy sports website get it added here in our Gambling Directory.

Just like casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks, we can add your fantasy sports portal and have a page dedicated to a review of your website to give visitors an idea what your website covers. In doing so you will receive a direct link to your homepage as well as a link to another popular page of your choice if you desire. By being listed here on eGamblingPortals you not only gain some SEO benefits but also will receive some direct traffic from our website visitors.

If you are a fantasy sports player, check out the websites listed in our Fantasy Portals section. The websites listed provide reviews of Fantasy Sports Websites, give hints and tips on how to be a successful fantasy player as well as offer free picks for popular games and tournaments. Whether you already have played in some fantasy contests or are completely new to fantasy sports, you can find some great information in our listed websites.

Fantasy Sports and in particlular Daily Fantasy Sports play has been growing tremendously in last few months. It actually reminds me of the online poker boom which took place after Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker after winning an entry online at Poker Stars. Fantasy play still has a lot of room to grow as many people who have never played before are signing up everyday. With the NFL now in full swing, this is the time of year when the fantasy sports industry will see the biggest growth.

If you have not tried playing fantasy sports yet but have been giving it some thought, check out the websites listed here at eGamblingPortals. If you own or run a fantasy sports website be sure to Get Your Website Listed so more fantasy players can enjoy your website.

Bitcoin Sportsbook

Bitcoin SportsbookWebsite:

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Launched: 2014

If you want to find the best online sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin as a payment method, you must visit Bitcoin SportBoook. Bitcoin continues to grow as an online currency and if you want the safety and convenience of using Bitcoin to bet with use any of the sportsbooks listed on this website.

Bitcoin Sportsbook Features

If you enjoy online sports betting, Bitcoin Sportsbook is a complete online sportsbook portal which contains a wealth of information for the novice or seasoned bettor. Find a full listing of online sportsbooks which accept Bitcoin and a full review for each sportsbook.

The reviews offered at Bitcoin Sportsbook are complete and full of information. Find the sports available to bet using Bitcoin as well as information regarding the bonuses offered by the sportsbooks. Also find other relevant information such as the design and security of the sportsbook, countries accepted for betting and whether the sportsbook offers a mobile product. You will also find a review of the support offered by the sportsbook as well as banking methods offered other than Bitcoin. Any questions you may have had regarding the listed sportsbooks will be answered in the reviews section.

If you are new to using Bitcoin, you will also find a great explanation of using this digital currency and the pros and cons associated with it. Bitcoin provides anonymity for the user which is ideal for the sportsbook industry. With the fluctuations in value once associated with Bitcoin now down to minimum it has never been a better time to start using this safe and reliable currency. Whether you already have a Bitcoin account or need to open one, Bitcoin Sportsbook provides all the information you need to get started and the best online sportsbooks to use.

Get started using Bitcoin to wager on sports and find the best sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin at

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Slot Machines Online


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Slot Machines Online is an online casino portal mainly dedicated to playing online slots. If you are a slots player or thinking about playing slots online, Slot Machines Online is a must see. Find online casinos that offer real money online slot machines as well as just about anything else you need to know about playing online slots.

Slot Machines Online Features

Slot Machines Online is a great resource for anyone who is interested in playing online slots. At Slot Machines Online you will find a recommended list of online casinos to play slots online as well as full reviews of the casinos. If you live in the United States you will find recommended online casinos that welcome US players and if you live in New Jersey you can enjoy fully legal online slots play at online casinos regulated by the state. Also find recommended online casinos for residents of the UK and Australia.

For information on any of the online slots casinos listed at Slot Machines Online, you will find full casino reviews so you can choose the casino that best meets your needs. In the casino reviews you will find bonus information and bonus codes in order to claim some free cash once you sign up at the casino. Also see what games are offered at each casino as well as banking information.

If you are new playing to online slots, can get you more informed and pointed in the right direction when it comes to many online slots topics. Whether you are looking to play mobile slots or progressive slot machines, looking for high limit machines or 3D Slots, you will find what you need to know at this website. One particular page offers information every slots player wants to know – which slot machines payout the most! Find a listing of loose slots and the return different slot machines payout. You can see the return percentage of particular slot machines as well as a recommended online casino to find that particular machine. This is information that should be important to anyone who is serious about playing online slots.

So whether you are just starting out playing online or are looking for a particular slots feature chances are Slot Machines Online will have the information you are looking for. See the homepage at and then get started playing online slots for real money.

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Real Money Action

Real Money ActionWebsite:

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Launched: 2014 is an online casino portal covering the real money aspect of casino games and also provides reviews of online casinos. Find a listing of popular casino games with recommendations on where to play online as well as an explanation on how to play the games and strategy for each game.

Real Money Action Features

Real Money Action has listings of online casinos to play blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker, slots and more. See their recommendations for the best online casinos to play each game. If you are unfamiliar with any of the different casino games, Real Money Action also gives an explanation of the different games and how to play. Also find some strategy for different games so you make the most of your casino bankroll.

Live dealer games are becoming very popular and Real Money Action lists online casinos where you can find live dealer blackjack, roulette and baccarat. If you haven’t played live dealer games, check out this website for an explanation on how live dealer casinos work and find the best live dealer casinos to play at.

If you live in the United States, Real Money Action has a section of their website dedicated to US casinos so United States residents can find the best online casinos to play at. USA players have to be careful where they decide to play in order to make sure the casino they choose can get deposits approved as well as send withdraws without hassle. Use the recommended US casinos and never worry about getting deposits approved and receiving your payouts. Canadian players can also find online casinos that accept players from Canada.

Whether you are new to real money online casino play, or have been playing for years, Real Money Action has information for everyone. See how to play real money casino games and use their strategy techniques to stretch your bankroll and have the best chances of winning.

Check out to get started playing real money online casino games and USA residents can find some great online casinos to play at.

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