Fantasy Sports Portal Added

With fantasy sports becoming as popular as it has, we have decided to add a Fantasy Sports Portals page here on eGamblingPortals. While many claim fantasy sports play is not gambling, and it did receive an exception from the UIGEA, it is still wagering money in hopes of winning a cash prize. We think Fantasy Sports is a good fit with the other categories we include and if you run or manage a fantasy sports website get it added here in our Gambling Directory.

Just like casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks, we can add your fantasy sports portal and have a page dedicated to a review of your website to give visitors an idea what your website covers. In doing so you will receive a direct link to your homepage as well as a link to another popular page of your choice if you desire. By being listed here on eGamblingPortals you not only gain some SEO benefits but also will receive some direct traffic from our website visitors.

If you are a fantasy sports player, check out the websites listed in our Fantasy Portals section. The websites listed provide reviews of Fantasy Sports Websites, give hints and tips on how to be a successful fantasy player as well as offer free picks for popular games and tournaments. Whether you already have played in some fantasy contests or are completely new to fantasy sports, you can find some great information in our listed websites.

Fantasy Sports and in particlular Daily Fantasy Sports play has been growing tremendously in last few months. It actually reminds me of the online poker boom which took place after Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker after winning an entry online at Poker Stars. Fantasy play still has a lot of room to grow as many people who have never played before are signing up everyday. With the NFL now in full swing, this is the time of year when the fantasy sports industry will see the biggest growth.

If you have not tried playing fantasy sports yet but have been giving it some thought, check out the websites listed here at eGamblingPortals. If you own or run a fantasy sports website be sure to Get Your Website Listed so more fantasy players can enjoy your website.