Kevin Hart and PokerStars Team Up

The famous comedian and an actor, a guy who has over 32 million followers on Twitter, decided to form alliance with PokerStars. His main task will be “to make poker fun again”! Kevin Hart will attempt to promote togetherness on a global state, while PokerStars will have a serious addition to their dream team in this battle for the greatest online poker room in the world, led by poker heavyweights.

Kevin Hart first appeared at PokerStars Bahamas Championship in January, but, after the press conference in Monte Carlo, where he came with PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu, it became clear that PokerStars team just got one more superstar in their ranks.

After his helicopter arrival to Nice and his participation in the €100,000 buy-in Super High Roller event, Hart told the press that he has finally came to a decision to take the future of poker into his own hands and that he has “bullied himself into a partnership with PokerStars”, simply because he loves the game and the game loves him. According to him, poker is an amazing game, and has one peculiar quality that grabbed his attention – anyone can play it, regardless of the fact whether you are earning big bucks like poker pros, or you are just sitting in the kitchen, playing for fun. Poker does not recognize race, colour, gender and it allows people to be themselves.

After praising his new teammate, Daniel Negreanu, the most significant ambassador of PokerStars Team, Hart stated that, although Daniel is a lot of fun at the table, he will try and make him even cooler, and be “The Eddie Murphy to his Nick Nolte. The Chris Tucker to his Jackie Chan.” Negreanu stated that Hart’s sole presence gives poker a new vibe.

Even though this is not the first celebrity in the world of poker, Kevin Hart is probably one of the most peculiar ones, since he also has the poker skills necessary to sit at the table with the masters of the game and have a decent chance to win his fair share. Also, he is an outstanding comedian, and he can make this sometimes brutal game fun again. As he said himself, he will not “dive into books”, nor get some special coaching from Negreanu, because he likes to learn from his mistakes, from his own experience.

Despite the fact that Kevin is “keeping his cards very close to his chest”, we bet he will try to make the game fun again simply by using his personal mantra – live, love and laugh. He believes in bringing people closer together, and says that no one can stay serious and keep his poker face for a very long time in his presence, since, after a couple of words with Hart, everybody loosens up. Even though PokerStars already have Rafael Nadal and Ronaldo on their team, it seems that Kevin Hart is a spot on acquisition, since he will promote the game on a very personal level.