Nevada Has Done It

This is rather old news but still worth posting. Nevada has become the first US state to open and allow online poker completely legally. Ultimate Poker, the first 100% USA legal poker site, dealt their first hand of poker online earlier this month. This is a huge milestone for online poker in the United States as we now have a working and legal model for online poker.

You have to be a resident of Nevada to play at Ultimate Poker (not to be confused with the old Ultimate Bet) because that is how the law was passed. Other US states have similar legislation currently open within their respective legislative bodies which will also allow legal poker within their state borders. All the other states also have the stipulation that you must be a resident of that state to play at the online poker sites that will operate within their borders.

While this is not the optimal solution, it is a great start to what will hopefully be 100% legal online poker throughout the United States. As more states eventually pass legal online poker and start to open online poker sites the federal government will surely want to get in on the tax advantages and revenue online poker will bring. Hopefully within the next 2 to 3 years we will see online poker sites that can operate across state borders.

If you do not live in Nevada and want to play online poker it is pretty much business as usual. There are still several great offshore poker sites that still allow US residents where residents from states other than Nevada can enjoy one of their favorite pastimes.

Stay tuned to our website and other online poker news sources as when more states pass and open online poker rooms we will share that information. In the meantime good luck to Nevada residents that are currently enjoying playing 100% legal poker at Ultimate Poker.

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  1. New Jersey is the second state to adopt legislation allowing regulated online poker. Look for future news as online poker rooms begin to come online in New Jersey.

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